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About Dr. Paul Linden

Dr. Paul Linden's personal philosophy is that satisfaction comes from making a difference. This philosophy is the guiding force behind everything he does, whether it is working with clients in psychotherapy, assisting others with treatment planning through psychological assessments, or in the classes he teaches.

Dr. Linden is a licensed clinical psychologist with 30 years of clinical experience. He specializes in psychological assessment, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy and stress management. He has also provided expert testimony in a wide variety of settings including cases regarding professional ethics, employment discrimination, child custody and criminal cases.


Dr. Linden emphasizes a short-term, time sensitive approach that is problem focused. It is grounded in the perspective that it is not the events that occur in our lives that are the principal cause for emotional distress, but our mental, emotional and behavioral reactions to these events.

During troublesome periods powerful ideas about ourselves or about the world can become activated that result in our feeling angry, anxious, or depressed. Relief comes from replacing these notions with a more realistic perception of our circumstances and ourselves.

Unresolved issues from the past are often the source that creates this vulnerability to unrealistic perceptions. A principal goal of this approach is to assist clients to learn how to become their own therapist, thereby preventing relapse and decreasing dependence on therapy or when appropriate medications.

For seven years Dr. Linden taught Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy at Roosevelt University.


Dr. Linden has successfully worked with hundreds of couples to resolve tension in their relationships.

In couples counseling, Dr. Linden's approach focuses on teaching couples how to communicate more effectively. Central to this approach is assisting couples learn how to negotiate and resolve conflicts. There are fair and unfair ways to fight.

Dr. Linden helps couples learn how to recognize when they have left the issues behind and are actively engaged in creating injury. By the time many couples seek counseling there are often intense feelings of hurt or resentment over past events.

Helping couples understand the dynamics of how forgiveness works, and how to rebuild the feeling of trust can make a critical difference.



Dr. Linden accepts most insurance and is a member of the following PPO or Managed Care Panels

  • Aetna PPO
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  • Corphealth PPO
  • Life Era EAP
  • Magellan PPO
  • Medicare Part B
  • MHN (Mental Health Network) PPO
  • PHCS (Private Healthcare Systems, Inc.) PPO
  • United Behavioral Health


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